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Customer feedback is key, says Finance on holiday vouchers


Tourism is one of the sectors that was hit hardest by the corona crisis and Slovenian guests are the ones saving the sector since arrivals of foreign tourists are not to be taken for granted amid coronavirus concerns and restrictions.

Nevertheless, neither should the arrivals of domestic guests be taken for granted, says the commentary headlined Holiday Vouchers and Selections Based on the Wallet, highlighting that tourism providers should keep in mind that a satisfied guest is likely to return.

Some Slovenians find services too costly and would not consider booking them if there were no vouchers. "That means they would not pay for such a holiday in coming years when such boosts are not to be expected. They will choose other accommodation services and destinations."

Given the unpredictable situation, tourism workers should not count on foreign guests yet. "This year's experiences of domestic guests will be all the more important then," says Finance.


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