The Slovenia Times

Fuel prices at 1 euro for more than four months


The prices of regular petrol and diesel sold at service stations outside Slovenia's motorway network first dropped to one euro amid the coronavirus lockdown on 7 April, meaning they have been that low for four months.

The last time before this spring that regular cost less than a euro was in the two-week period starting on 7 April 2009, when it sold at EUR 0.996 per litre. Diesel meanwhile cost exactly a euro for two weeks starting on 1 March 2016.

The prices of regular petrol and diesel sold at petrol stations outside the motorway network are adjusted every two weeks based on a model factoring in oil prices in global markets, the euro-dollar exchange rate and biofuel prices.

The prices of fuel sold at petrol stations within the motorway and expressway network are meanwhile fully liberalised, as are the prices of other oil derivatives.


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