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World Wonder Initiated



The construction of the biggest pyramid structure in the world, is to begin in 2009. Jelincic, the leader of the opposition National Party (SNS) and the person to come up with the idea to build the museum, said several Slovenian businessmen had expressed interest in participating. Each of the founding companies will contribute EUR 20,000, an amount still nowhere near the estimated EUR 40m for the construction of the museum. "The project is not as massive as some imagine. It is perfectly feasible," said Ivo Boscarol, the owner of Ajdovscina-based maker of ultra-light aircraft Pipistrel and one of the investors. "The pyramid, together with the business development centre, represents a strong development potential. The government supports the project, but the idea needs time," said Samo Krevs of the Economy Ministry. In November last year, the government said it would earmark EUR 250,000 for the project. The museum's full name is the Aeronautical Museum of West European Union of the Rusjan Brothers. It is named after the Slovenian aviation pioneers, the brothers Edvard and Josip Rusjan. The basic concept envisages the museum building to be a square pyramid higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza. As one of the wonders of the modern world the museum would find it easier to attract visitors. In fact, Boscarol expects that up to a million people would visit every year. In addition to around 3000 models of rockets, large airplanes, and other exhibits, the museum would feature attractions such as airplane restoration workshops, an energy point in the pyramid's centre and various flight simulators. The pyramid's exterior would be covered by solar cells. According to Boscarol, the museum would create 400 jobs when finished in 2011. The idea is strongly opposed by the Association of Ecology Movements, which is worried that the huge glass building would severely affect the environment and degrade the existing tourism.


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