The Slovenia Times

Over 50% of all imported Covid-19 infections from Croatia


The majority of a total of 165 persons who brought the virus from Croatia, or 120, were persons aged 15 to 34. The majority, or 108, were men.

Another 26 persons got infected from them in Slovenia, NIJZ said on Saturday.

Since the number if infected persons returning from Croatia was rapidly rising, NIJZ notified all EU members through the early warning and response system (EWRS).

The number was at 16 two weeks ago, rose to 64 last week and is currently at 57 this week. However, NIJZ expects this week's figure to exceed last week's.

This was one of the main reasons why the coronavirus task force and NIJZ proposed to the government to impose a two-week quarantine for Slovenians returning from Croatia.

Since yesterday, Croatia has thus been on Slovenia's red list of coronavirus countries with a two-week quarantine.

There are some exceptions, however, including for those currently still on holiday in Croatia; they can return home without being quarantined until Monday midnight.


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