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Carmina Slovenica starting new season with new project Dert


The "open-ended work in progress" will be performed by the choir's 24-member New Music Theatre Choregie.

According to the author of the concept and text, Karmina Šilec, the choir's leader, Dert brings a "looser, secular conception of the myth of the choice which flattens the hierarchies between the poetical and the documentary, between stories and memoirs, historical and modern, diary and experiment, political and ethnical".

The premiere of the new project is planned for January next year.

Carmina Slovenica's last project, entitled Threnos (for the Throat), whose main authors are US composer Jacob Cooper and Šilec, was staged only once because of coronavirus.

The piece, examining the relationship between humans and animals, featured 16 solo performers of the New Music Theatre Choregi.

After it was performed by Carmina Slovenica in the Maribor Minoriti church on 9 March, just before the coronavirus epidemic was declared Slovenia, the video of the performance was broadcast on the web platform of the international festival Operadagen in Rotterdam on 14 May.

Carmina Slovenica accompanied the project with a CD Landscapes/Winter. This season, it plans to launch its first audiobook Institution V. and LP record Dert.

This autumn, a book about the choir Planet Carmina by Melita Forstneič Hajnšek will be released in English two years after being issued in Slovenian.


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