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Lot, Wizzair suspend Ljubljana flights


According to the Ex-Yu Aviation portal, Lot could still make changes to its plans for the winter season, which have not been confirmed yet.

The winter season starts at the end of October.

Dutch low-cost carrier Transavia will suspend its connection to Ljubljana as of 13 September as Slovenia has put the Netherlands on its red list of Covid-19 risky countries, but is to return to Brnik airport at the end of October.

While Brussels Airlines is expected to restore its flights to Brussels in the winter season after several delays, Wizz Air is not expected to fly to Belgium from Ljubljana this winter.

The final service this year between Charleroi and Ljubljana is scheduled for 24 October, with two weekly flights to be reinstated on 30 March next year.

Apart from Lot and Transavia, who will temporary suspend flights, Air Serbia is currently flying from Ljubljana to Belgrade, Montenegro Airlines to Podgorica, Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Wizzair to Charleroi, Air France to Paris, Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and Easyjet to Berlin and London.

Aeroflot, which was to connect Ljubljana to Moscow, has not made its plans public yet. Finnair is expected to return in the 2021 summer season.

Current forecasts suggest Easyjet will not be flying to London's Luton and Stansted this summer season.

Lufthansa is expected to start flying to Munich and Swiss to Zurich in the 2021 summer season.

This year's cancellations also include Iberia's flights to Madrid, British Airways's to Heathrow, Windrose's flights to Kiev and Israir's to Tel Aviv.


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