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Bovec, the Wonderland



Approximately four hundred actors and extras, and a film crew of almost the same size, will participate in the shooting, which is planned to last for fourteen days in late June and early July. According to the producers, the crew spent a full eighteen months searching globally for an appropriate location; Bovec proved to be just what they were looking for. The first crew of approximately one hundred individuals is scheduled to come to Posocje in May, to build the wooden bridge for one of the crucial scenes, in which more than three hundred soldiers and cavalry charge across the river. The location for the shooting in the forest has also already been chosen. The shooting of the film, a co-production of the Walt Disney and Walden Media studios, began in February in New Zealand, then continued in studios in Prague. On their second visit to the area, the producer Philip Steuer and the director Andrew Adamson were full of enthusiasm, enchanted by the area's natural beauty. "The landscape here is magnificent and with its grandeur, the locations match the ones in New Zealand, where we've already shot parts of the film. Another advantage of Bovec is its proximity to Prague," said Steuer. Adamson, the man behind both parts of an Academy Award winning film "Shrek", agrees: "I was immediately overwhelmed by the possibilities the countryside here offers. Nowadays it's hard to find intact natural surroundings needed for our fairytale. Bovec is a perfect location."


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