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Tesla Powerwalls to be available in Merkur shops


The agreement was signed in Ljubljana on Tuesday by Bla┼ż Pesjak, the director general of the shop operator Merkur Trgovina, and NGEN director Roman Bernard, with both labelling this a major step towards low-carbon society.

As part of the agreement, Merkur shops around Slovenia will sell the Powerwall systems, which uses lithium-ion batteries, and for which NGEN has developed a platform with which its users can participate in the electricity balancing market.

Merkur will meanwhile also use the system to optimise its electricity use, and customers will also be able to use Tesla's charging stations with the "powered by NGEN" label on parking lots serving Merkur's shops in Slovenia.

Powerwall and the NGEN's network balancing system are the opportunities for "each individual to enter the energy transformation of society", while cutting costs and even create passive revenue, Pesjak said on the occasion.

Merkur plans to cover the roofs of all of its 23 shops with solar panels, and five solar power stations have been installed so far. Five to ten Powerwall devices will be used in each shop, he added.

"A lot of solar power plants have been installed in Slovenia already," said Bernard, adding that there was great potential also in wind power and that Slovenia should think about transitioning to self-supply in the form of energy storage devices.

In the future, he sees potential of such devices in charging of electric vehicles or in providing supply in the case of disruptions on the side of power distributors. Legislative changes could also help increase demand, he added.


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