The Slovenia Times

Fewer deaths in first seven months of 2020 year-on-year


More than 4,000 coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Slovenia so far, and 136 persons have died of Covid-19, but the epidemic has apparently not resulted in higher death figures in the first seven months year-on-year.

In the period, January was the month when most Slovenian residents died (1,971), and July was the month with the lowest number of deaths (1,566).

On the other hand, 10,617 children were born in Slovenia in the first seven months, which is 5.3% more than in the same period in 2019, preliminary data from the Statistics Office show.

Last year, a total of 2,.588 Slovenian residents died, which was 0.5% more than in 2018. Men died at the average age of 73.2, and women at the average age of 82.1.

A boy born in 2020 may meanwhile expect to live to the age of 78.5, while the life expectancy for girls is 84.2.


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