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Tuš, star chef Roš launch line of locally sourced products

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Roš, who was recently awarded two Michelin stars, and the director of the Kobarid-based dairy Mlekarne Planika, Anka Lipušček Miklavič, say the idea matured during the lockdown when Slovenia had to deal with surpluses of milk and dairy products.

The surpluses being too big to be handled by restaurants, they approached retailer Tuš, and soon a new line of products started taking shape that will bring local produce to consumers with the help of creativity and food technologists.

Roš said that this was not about haute cuisine, but rather about food that buyers would also be able to prepare at home.

The first line, hitting the shelves in October, will feature cottage cheese gnocchi with poppy seeds and tarragon made from Mlekarne Planika albumin cottage cheese, as well as pumpkin gnocchi made from Slovenian pumpkin.

Also announced has been a spelt sour-dough bread and several more products that are still in development in what is a three-year cooperation between Roš and Tuš for the time being.

The director general of the Tuš group Andraž Tuš said that the products will be in the higher price range, having the added value of local ingredients. Prices have nonetheless been adjusted so that the products should be accessible to everybody, he added.


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