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Welcome to Vrhnika



There are various excavations and many fascinating archaeological sites. One of the most interesting finds is an ancient wheel, over five hundred years old. Another reminder of the Roman past is the town's architecture, most notably the houses in the old town centre which, despite the fact that they have been renovated, are typical of the ancient times, when Vrhnika was the final stop on the then navigable Ljubljanica river. The town of Vrhnika lies on the outskirts of the Ljubljansko barje marshes, which are a natural jewel in terms of its diverse vegetation and numerous animal species. The town has other fascinating sights as well: for example, the peat bog Jursevo sotisce, which offers a unique opportunity to see how people dug peat in the past, and the stone-pit Kuclerjev kamnolom, which is also a protected archaeological sight. With regards to development of tourism, the town has recently launched research that will establish whether the quantity and the quality of spring water in the area is sufficient for the building of the thermal spa resort. The presence of spring water in the area is a established fact, since the town had its own baths in the past. Providing the research findings are favourable, the town plans to use the water sources for the development of town and its surroundings. On Ulovka, the hill just above the town, there used to be an established ski resort, but in recent years it did not operate due to the denationalization process. The current initiatives for the renovation of the centre are extremely encouraging, since Ulovka is not only a winter attraction, but also has all the potential to become a popular summer resort. For tourists, the town has the important advantage of easy accessibility: both by the highway and railway. Other tourist services include the possibility of cycling tours and horse riding on the Ljubljansko barje marshes. Another plan is to make navigation on the river Ljubljanica possible. The town of Vrhnika invests considerably into the development of the roads and other infrastructure; we are building two separate industrial zones, and are making preparations for the building of the highway bypass, which will considerably reduce the increased traffic in the town's centre. In addition, the plan is to connect the highway and the railway. Annually, the town hosts two mass events. One is the so-called Argonavtski dnevi (Argonaut Days), a three-day festival in June, which includes different events on various locations. The highlight is Argonaut Night with concerts by popular bands. The other well-known event is the Cankarjevi dnevi (Cankar Days), which is a tribute to the great Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar, a Vrhnika native. The event takes place between 27 April and 10 May and features various interesting events. This is as good time as any to visit our town. You are welcome to come!


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