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Tatjana Fink Has the Best Reputation among Managers



e Colaric (Krka), Matjaz Gantar (KD Group), France Arhar (Bank Austria Credit Anstalt), Bine Kordez (Merkur), Janez Bohoric (Sava), Herman Rigelnik (ACH) and Ziga Debeljak (Mercator). Trimo has also been proclaimed as the most employee-friendly company as well as being innovative and financially successful. In the opinion of marketing managers, more than half of company's reputation depends on that of its manager. This is first built inside company and depends on how the manager chooses co-workers and how (s)he motivates employees to work for the company and help to build the company's brand. One third of manager's reputation depends on business results, 40 percent of manager's reputation depends on manager's public appearance and the remaining comes from so-called soft factors and innovation. According to research, the reputation of Tatjana Fink and the reputation of Trimo grew in sync.


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