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Different Perspectives of the Beauties of Bela Krajina



Lying in the southern part of Slovenia, Bela Krajina is a mere hour away from the Slovenian capital. When trying to reach the town of Črnomelj, take the road through Žužemberk and Černošnjice; when going to Metlika, the road through Novo Mesto and Vahta is most appropriate.

The Kolpa River
The Kolpa river is the heart of the Kolpa landscape park. Holding the flattering title of "the longest Slovenian riviera" (even though it's not on the coast), it is also one of the cleanest and best preserved rivers in Slovenia. In the summertime, the water reaches temperatures of up to 30ºC, making the river a great place for swimming, canoeing, rafting, and kayaking. The river is extremely rich in fish and other animal species, many of which are rare and protected.

The Lahinja Landscape Park
Seven kilometres of land, stretching from the source of the Lahinja River, is a protected area known as the Lahinja Landscape Park. Its distinctive features, in addition to the Lahinja River, are six protected natural monuments, five cultural monuments, and two natural reserves.

Tri Fare
The renowned Tri Fare pilgrimage centre is located in the north-eastern part of the village of Rosalnice near Metlika. The pilgrimage centre is distinguished by the three Gothic churches, standing side by side, enclosed by a high churchyard wall.

The source of the Krupa river
With the underground waters from the surrounding hilly area flowing into it, the source of the Krupa River is the largest spring in Bela Krajina. The river comes to surface in the village of Krupa, where it rises from beneath a 30-metre high wall of rock. The source is the habitat of both the famous Proteus anguinus (an amphibious salamander) and the Congeria kusceri (a cave-dwelling cockle).

The Church of the Holy Trinity
Built in 1647, the church is located above the village of Vinji Vrh. Some of its distinctive features influenced the building of other churches in the vicinity. The church has a shingled cupola, while its interiors include a monumental gold-plated main altar, gilded statues, two elaborately decorated wooden altars, and a pulpit.

The "Soseska Zidanica" Vineyard Cottage
Located in the cellar of an old house in the centre of Drašiči next to the St Peter's Church, the Soseska zidanica wine cottage has been welcoming guest for more than 250 years. The cottage offers a unique opportunity to the drink wines of no less than 65 different winegrowers. One can also use "rovaš", a piece of short split wood, which was formerly used to track the drinking debts or wine consumption of an individual.

Šokčev Dvor
Šokčev Dvor in Žuniči is a typical farmhouse of Bela Krajina, and also a protected cultural monument, a part of the Kolpa landscape park. The farm is located by the Vinica-Adlešiči road, approximately 20 kilometres from the town of Črnomelj. Šokčev Dvor has an enclosed courtyard that features a house, a shed and a barn, all connected by a wall with an entrance door. In this fully renovated house, visitors can take a tour through the farm room, where antique furniture, a cradle, old farm clothes and homemade linen are on display. A dinning room featuring an old baker's oven is suitable for groups.

On the hillsides of the Poljanska Gora Mountain, Kočevski Rog and Gorjanci, the local vineyards produce excellent wines. The best way to experience the diverse wines of Bela Krajina is by visiting local wine cellars. In addition to the renowned wine sorts like "belokranjec" and "metliška črnina", one can taste a variety of excellent varietal and predicate wines.


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