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Reaching for the Sky



The skyline of the city, presently dominated by the 75-metre World Trade Centre building as the tallest office tower and the 100-metre chimney of the Ljubljana cogeneration plant as the tallest free-standing structure, is to be enriched with a number of new additions.

The two projects are part of the broader long-term development strategy of the municipality of Ljubljana, according to which the wider area of BTC City, presently the largest shopping and entertainment centre in Slovenia and one of the largest high-density retail and amusement areas in the region, is to turn into a second city core integrating retail, entertainment, business and residential functions.

BTC, the company that manages BTC City, has announced plans to build a 20-storey office tower and a 17-storey hotel. While the plans for the hotel, which is to have around 300 three- or four-star rooms and whose estimated investment value is EUR 25-30 million, are still in the drafting phase, the architectural competition for the office tower was already completed.

The new EUR 50 million skyscraper will be near the present 13-storey office tower and will measure between 85 and 90 metres in height. It will have around 25,000 m2 of high quality business premises and an additional 19,000 m2 of parking space. It is to become the heart of BTC City and a widely recognizable architectural element. Through the construction of the new skyscraper, BTC will offer altogether around 50,000 m2 of business space for all types of business activities.


The construction of the new office block and hotel is tied to the modifications of the spatial planning conditions, which the municipality is forecast to adopt in early 2008. The investor plans to begin with the works in the second half of 2008 and the construction is to be completed by May 2010. The final decision about the investment partners for the project has not yet been taken and the company is also looking abroad for co-financing possibilities.

On the other side of BTC City, the second largest construction and investment group in the country, GH Holding, is planning to build twin 18-storey office towers. The construction of the EUR 60 million project named Gemini is to begin in mid-2008, right after the changes to the spatial planning conditions are approved. The "BTC twins", made out of energy efficient building materials according to the investor and most user-friendly to the 2000 or so expected tenants, are to be built in early 2010. In addition to 4,500 m2 of high-end retail space, 17,500 m2 will be devoted to office space.

In the initial phase, the investor plans to let out the premises and move its own headquarters to the new development, while the company's further plans are to sell the entire complex as a financial investment to the best buyer after around two years of use, so as to minimize risks for the potential new investor related to the purchase of a brand new untested building. The company has not yet started extensive marketing and promotion activities, which it is due to start in the second quarter of next year, but some initial interest from home and abroad has already been shown and the investor deems its attractive location as a guarantee for the success of the project.

Northern Gate

On one of the main intersections of the city centre, adjacent to Emonika City Center, the real estate leasing company and developer Immorent and the company Bavarski dvor are developing a project called "Northern Gate". The infrastructure work for the two high-rise buildings has already begun and the investors have also completed a joint competition for the best urbanist solution for the area. Immorent has already announced that their office block would offer around 16,000 m2 of business space while the ground floor would be devoted to public services. The building will be between 70 and 72 metres tall and the project will cost anywhere between EUR 25 and 30 million. The construction of both office blocks, which will be similar in size, is to begin in the second half of 2008 and should be completed by 2010.


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