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As Slovenia's largest multi-purpose port, specializing in cargo handling and warehousing, Koper has a very rich maritime tradition and is the only port in the country where large ships can dock. Its favourable position at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea, only 60 miles from Venice and a 40 minute bus ride to Trieste airport, makes Koper an attractive destination for cruise liners.

This year's cruising season got under way on 4th April and four ships have already docked at the passenger terminal: the Kristina Regina led the way and has already berthed twice, the Monet, the Seabourn Pride and the Arion. While some are docking just to evaluate the facility and the destination, most have already incorporated the port into their itineraries and will make regular visits throughout the season. "This year we will host some very prestigious cruise liners," Bojan Babič said. Mr Babič, who manages the passenger terminal, added that the Seabourn Pride and the Azamara Journey, both regarded as highly luxurious liners, have docked in Koper and they will be joined by the Seven Seas Voyager, another luxury liner, at the end of May. These liners cruise the Mediterranean and the Adriatic and are expected to bring around 20,000 generally well-to-do passengers to Koper throughout the season.

While there will be fewer passengers than last year, the arrival of this new category of tourist is more than welcome. According to local excursion agents, the interest in day trips to Lipica, Postojna Caves and Ljubljana as well as for tours around Koper and the nearby towns has increased markedly and most passengers tend to prefer to tour in smaller groups or as individuals.

While local businesses have adapted quickly to the tourism boon, the passenger terminal itself is far from presentable. "We are currently in the process of obtaining building permits for a new terminal building. Construction will probably start at the beginning of autumn, but unfortunately it is unlikely to have been finished before the start of next season," Mr Babič said. The sooner this is finished the better as more than 100 arrivals are scheduled for next season and the shipping companies are not going to be overly happy docking their luxury liners alongside a noisy and dirty building site.


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