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Slovenia for Environment-Friendly Solutions



Modern tourism demands environment-friendly solutions. Modern tourists no longer travel to other countries with utter or partial disregard for the environment, but know that if they are to visit a given location twice, special attention needs to be given to the environment and natural resources preserved for posterity. And this is precisely the reason which made the Slovene Tourist Organisation embark on a campaign that actively seeks to promote environment-friendly tourist accommodations.

In 2003 the EU formed an official label for environment-friendly tourist accommodations - "The European Eco-Label for Tourist Accommodation Service", more popularly known as "the EU Daisy". Companies that are given this certificate are officially declared environment-friendly, or they rank among those companies that are actively seeking to reduce air pollution, use energy and other natural resources more economically, pollute the environment less substantially and offer organically grown food as part of their overall offer.

As the first environment-friendly tourist company in Slovenia, Terme Snovik received this label in February 2008. The CEO of Terme Snovik Ivan Hribar said upon receiving this award: "We are well aware of the natural riches that surround us, which is why we set on a path towards the preservation of our green, unpolluted and healthy environment."

Terme Snovik also received an "Energetically Efficient Company 2008 Award" presented by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of Slovenia in collaboration with the Finance magazine, which proved yet again that the company was determined to follow the path of environment-protection policy.

The Slovene Tourist Organisation hopes that many other companies in Slovenia will follow suit and opt for obtaining this label, since modern tourists are aware of environmental issues and are prepared to pay extra for environment-friendly tourist accommodations and solutions. This is becoming increasingly important since satisfying the demands of environment-oriented modern tourists and the preservation of natural heritage intact for posterity is the force that drives current trends in global tourism. It need hardly be stressed that unspoilt nature is also one of the main advantages of the Slovene tourist offer, which will thus gain a whole new way of expression.


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