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In mid July the Slovenian company Istrabenz Turizem, d.d., the owner of the Lifeclass Shakti-Ayurveda centre in Portorož, were given a rather surprising and a most wonderful news - the government of the Indian federal state Kerala, the home of Ayurveda, decided to make the centre in Portorož the very first centre of this kind in Europe under its patronage.

The state secretary for health and family affairs of the Indian federal state Kerala Dr Vishwas Mehta said the LifeClass Shakti-Ayurveda Centre in Portorož was the best centre of its kind in Europe, offering not only high quality services, but aspiring all the time to stay true to the deepest principles of Ayurveda. The CEO of Istrabenz Turizem, d.d. Marino Antolovič expressed sincere gratitude and honour over the fact that the Indian federal state Kerala, the cradle of Ayurveda, chose the centre in Portorož for this kind of patronage. The Slovenian company expects a lot, particularly the transfer of Indian know-how to Slovenia and constant control over the quality of services, all of which is with an agreement with the company's goal of offering excellent wellness services.

The Shakti-Ayurveda centre in Portorož was opened in 2006. The centre employs professional Ayurvedic therapists that gained their knowledge in India, and from mid July 2008 the centre now has eight certified Ayurvedic therapists from India also. The products offered at the centre are made according to authentic Indian recipes and are made from natural sources.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu method of treatment, very influential in India and increasingly gaining ground in the West also. In the oldest scriptures Ayurveda is defined as a "life science" that sees life as a harmonious balance between the body, senses, mind and spirit. It includes principles on how to maintain your health when you are still healthy, and also offers numerous methods of treatment when your health takes a turn for the worse. It lays special attention on prevention and has developed an overall analytical system, which registers changes in one's health long before the actual symptoms become apparent.

The Indian government has made a deliberate attempt in recent years to promote Ayurveda all over the world as well as stimulate scientific research on this health practice.


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