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Do you think the Slovenian gas market is really competitive? What should be done to open it further?

Yes, we think it is. Of course, gas companies and customers are becoming more and more experienced in 'playing' within it.

Our offers to big customers, intended to help them hedge price risk over the medium term, i.e. from one to three years, are hardly understood by them. We, therefore, suggest that they hire independent consultants when they seek such medium term offers for gas. This is common practice in France, Germany and Italy.

Javna agencija za energijo in Maribor, Slovenia's energy regulator, should enhance regulations on some specific topics. For instance, if a supplier wants to offer gas to users having many delivery points all around the country, such as supermarkets, banks, companies with many offices and sites, the administrative costs deriving from the current regulation practically prevent you from bundling all these points into a single contract.

Pricing policies from the incumbent, Geoplin, should also be reviewed by the competent authorities, in order to support further openness.

How does Adriaplin plan to increase its market share in Slovenia?

Through services to existing customers and to new ones, mainly assisting, also financially, them with their installations using gas, so as to improve their energy efficiency, e.g. the same level of heating, cooling or process heat with lower gas consumption. Adequate contracts can always be drafted.

One must consider that in Slovenia the technological gap is still significant in this field, with technology such as reversible gas heat pumps for heating and cooling, microturbines for distributed co-generation and compressed natural gas for vehicles not common.

Does Eni have any further plans for expansion in Slovenia?

Eni is operating in Slovenia through its subsidiary Adriaplin. Further plans for expansion are under examination in the whole Balkan area, possibly with Slovenian or other local partners.


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