The Slovenia Times

"Quality attracts more interest"



"As far as office space is concerned, it is wrong to say that there is an oversupply in the commercial real-estate market in Ljubljana. At least until 2000 there was not enough high-quality offices to go around. The projects that are now in the pipeline will only remedy this lack of supply.

When talking about the project pipeline, one has to bear in mind that a lot of projects, I would say at least a half of them, if not more, have been cancelled or postponed. This is a consequence of the financial crisis. The latter has sped up the process of natural selection of the projects in the pipeline with only the most promising remaining.

The Emonika business tower will provide high-quality office space for businesses. Here, more quality means more interest. The expressed interest in the Emonika offices already exceeds the available supply of office space by more than two times. This is understandable. Ljubljana does not yet have a central business district as, for example, Zagreb does. It is true that there are banks, insurance companies and other businesses present in the city centre, but there is no leasable office space to speak of. The Emonika business tower will remedy; we are confident the project will prove to be a success.


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