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The wind called burja is typical for this mostly grassy karst plateau. This plateau is the reason the Vipavska dolina valley, which stretches alongside its southern foothills, has several days of strong chilly wind every year. The cold eastern air collides at the top of the Nanos plateau with warmer air masses. The cold air, which is relatively heavier than the warm air, crosses the ridge, spills over the slopes, dries up and whirls about. This is how we get the gusty wind of varying power and directions: the burja. One must take into account that burja is often very strong at the top of Nanos, so do not forget to take light wind jacket during the summer.

There are various paths leading to the peak of Nanos. The peak is even accessible by car, if you don't mind the holes in the rough, unpaved road. For hikers, one of the most beautiful paths starts not far from the village of Razdrto, just beside the Ljubljana-Koper motorway. You must leave the motorway at the Razdrto exit. Fifteen minutes after the start, you have to decide which path you'll choose - the steep one or the longer, gently rising path. The steep one will take you about one hour and 30 minutes of moderate walking, the longer one about one hour more.

The Vojkova koča hut at the top of Nanos is open every day except Mondays. It offers food and drinks typical for mountain huts, and also accommodation. It is named after the local partisan hero Janko Premrl Vojko, who died on the February 22nd 1943, at the age of 23, a few days after he was wounded in a battle against the Italian Fascists.

In my opinion, the best way to experience Nanos is the following combination: ascending the steeper one, experiencing the strain it takes making you feel completely entitled to some mountain stew and even some dessert when you reach the top, and descending the longer path, enjoying the picturesque slopes of dry grass and the sight of the old stone-built church of St. Hieronymous on a full stomach. The views on a clear day are magnificent - everything from the sea to the mountains.

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