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Unique Experiences to Help You Seal the Deal



How do you approach entertaining your clients when they are in Slovenia?

Setting aside the comfort, appropriate accommodation, and high quality cuisine, we wish to show them the cultural and natural diversity of Slovenia. I like to invite clients to Škrabčeva domačija (the Škrabec homestead) in Hrovača, a renovated old family farmhouse, which has recently developed into an important and vibrant cultural scene. With the help of villagers who skillfully present old customs and habits, I introduce them to a piece of Slovenia famous for its entrepreneurial and cultural tradition - or rather, I offer it to them as an original experience. Imagine a visit to the Škrabec homestead as a museum and cultural centre and in the end a meal in the old house of the homestead, where, thanks to the restorers and conservationists, it looks exactly as it did in the 19th century.

What is the most extravagant treatment you have provided for clients in Slovenia?

I must admit that I never follow any extravagant guidelines but rather look for ways to deepen the experience of the place, nature, culture, people... It is inspiring, for instance, to combine a visit to the Postojna Cave with a hot air balloon flight - guests experience the sky and the underground on the same day.

If someone were to hold a business conference in Slovenia for top global companies, what would you recommend should be included in it and where should it take place?

Superb Slovenian cuisine and wines on an excellent carefully arranged and prepared scene, either in the suburb or in town. It would not do to forget the little details which give the meeting some exclusivity, and the additional content which surprises and raises the value of this meeting. I do not need to list the basic elements of a good conference, such as a carefully prepared programme, excellent technical support, a complete "conference service", comfort and so on.

What is the most memorable treatment you have received as a businessman?

I specifically remember events that offer me an original experience. For example, after a business meeting in Texas our hosts drove us out to dinner. Since the region is famous for cattle, we'd expected an exquisitely prepared steak and other meat specialties. This is what we received but on arrival in this famous restaurant the waiters cut off our ties, which then hung above us during the meal. Our hosts had deliberately not told us about the custom of not eating in this restaurant with your tie on, because that would destroy the surprise and the experience. The Russians are also able to offer an original experience; a strenuous meeting was often followed by the famous traditional Russian bath. So I foster memories of inventive, special and also amusing experiences.

How important is it to take into consideration your client's nationality? Who, in your experience, needs most attention?

It would be difficult to distinguish guests by nationality according to their needs and attention that they expect. But I can confirm that the nationality is an important starting point in designing a programme.

What places would you recommend Slovenian businessmen should take their clients to in Slovenia?

It is not only Ljubljana that boasts a high quality range of cuisine and accommodation facilities - so too do smaller towns and rural areas. My suggestion would be to utilise the exceptional cultural and natural diversity of Slovenia and reinterpret it into an original programme. Even the most uniquely designed menu will quickly be forgotten without that added value that creates a real experience.

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