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Any gadget freak knows the joy that can be derived by using a smartphone; the way these small, internet-enabled devices can bring the world into the pockets of their owners. While there has been disappointment that the Apple iPhone has not yet appeared on subscription packages in Slovenia - allegedly because the market is so small that no sensible deal can be agreed with Apple - gadget fans in this Balkan nation are not without options. Many users have opted for devices running the Android operating system, which is now the fastest-growing mobile platform.

The most recent statistics show that 14 percent of the Slovenian population now uses a mobile phone to access the internet. Add in users of laptops, netbooks and tablets and the figure for those who regularly go online through mobile networks grows to 20 percent. E-mail, web browsing, and picture transfers are the most frequent activities and the most regular users are between 16 and 24 years old.

According to Si.mobil, last year in particular saw an expansion of smartphones, netbooks and tablets, which demand fast mobile internet. The firm has realised that mobile applications represent a significant added value to their services. Platforms such as Android, which offer easy programming options, make the use of phones more interesting, easier and solve particular user problems. That's why Si.mobil decided to run competition for the best Slovenian Android applications, with a stimulating prize fund.

32 applications were entered with ten of them receiving awards. The overall winning application was "Odpiralni časi" (Opening hours) which can at any time point you to the nearest shops, pharmacies, cashpoints and so on. Most of the applications that received prizes were navigation-based in this way, joining with existing databases which help you get around and find curiosities, party or even contribute information about illegal garbage deposits. The prize-winning applications have been downloading up to 5,000 times in a matter of months and there are no doubts that the future will bring even more interest in this fast-developing field.


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