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Being Socially Responsible



The company started its charity work at the end of 2010, joining together with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (Zveza prijateljev mladine Slovenije) to enable 40 children to spend five days of their winter holiday at Srednji Vrh (Gozd Martuljek) near Kranjska Gora. This summer the company has continued making children happy by donating funds to cover holidays in Savudrija in Croatia for 20 youngsters from underprivileged families from Velenje. It was ten days of real fun, with the children welcoming Rudolf Klötscher, BSH Hišni aparati chief executive, together with his wife on 26 July. They prepared a special show for the guests where they sang and danced, as well as displaying their knowledge in acrobatics and clown entertainment. They also prepared a souvenir bazaar with things that they had made themselves. Mr. and Mrs Klötscher were presented with a gift from all the children of a dream catcher, and the couple reciprocated by giving a present to each of the 140 children at the holiday camp at the time - a windmill and a Bosch bag.
A warm welcome and precious memories
"Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for the very nice welcome that you and the children organised for my wife and me in Gozd Martuljek and Savudrija," Klötscher said while at the camp. "These are for both of us very nice moments and precious memories that we will take from Slovenia."
Emphasising the importance of social responsibility in such turbulent times, Klötscher expressed the company's dedication to continue with its charity work. He also made a personal promise to encourage other companies to do more in respect to their social responsibility.
"I will do my best in motivating other companies to join us in the idea that we can all support you in your efforts to make life better for children," Klötscher said.
Thanks volunteered
In order to show his appreciation to the 20 volunteers who worked in the holiday camp in Gozd Martuljek and Savudrija, Klötscher gave each of them a gift. He explained he was very impressed by their voluntary work and their dedication to it.
"Your enthusiasm is very precious. In today's world this is getting more and more important. It is good to know that there are still people who can positively influence children's lives with their work. I am happy that I can show you how much I respect what you are doing because I believe that humanity is very important."


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