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Billy Cobham Band


Billy Cobham was first catapulted to jazz skies due to his collaboration with Miles Davis in late 1960s and 1970s (including the ground-breaking Bitches Brew), and later due to his commitment in Mahavishnu Orchestra, which was founded by John McLaughlin and acted as a founder of jazz-rock fusion.

In his prolific career, Cobham recorded over a hundred albums, both solo (including the legendary albums Total Eclipse and Spectrum) and as a collaborative musician in projects and groups of some of the most prominent authors (including: Eumir Deodato, Santana/McLaughlin, Marc Almond, Gil Evans, Randy Weston, Ray Barretto...). His trademark style of play - quick, explosive and massive drumming - has marked international stages, festivals, symphonic orchestras, big bands, Broadway, TV and radio shows. From his early beginnings, he has also been active as workshop tutor, college teacher and symposia supervisor, transferring his master knowledge and experience to younger generations. On his current tour, Billy Cobham presents his repertoire comprising an overview of his diverse creative periods as well as his new album "Palindrome", which was released last year, presenting Billy's return to the future based on refreshed sound and music collaborators.


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