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Catholics Calls for Political Change


Participants in the Pan-Slovenian Meeting of Christians advocate changes which they believe can be brought about by waking the inactive part of the electorate, head of the Wake-up Slovenia Initiative said.

One of the speakers at the event, Justin Stanovnik of the New Slovenian Testament, said that Slovenians had not left Bolshevism behind despite independence and that they continued to live in "lie and crime".

He believes such an "unnatural" state can only be overcome by a second republic, "a new social pact joined by the genuinely democratic forces that are prepared to go for a two-thirds majority at the National Assembly".

Their goal would adopting a new constitution based on a peace agreement after the civil war, Stanovnik said in a reference to the clash between the Communists and the Home Guard during WW II.

The event was also addressed by a former development minister, Ziga Turk of the opposition Democrats (SDS), who said that unlike other former Socialist countries, Slovenia's transition failed.

He said that the practice of "self-managing Socialism" continued with other means: the rule of law and market economy were not functioning and the welfare system was unfair.

The country lacks a political system that would be fit to deal with the accumulated problems and does not have media that would perform their monitoring role truthfully, Turk said.

He believes a way out is in changing the electoral system and getting a government that will get a licence for change from the voters.


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