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For Equality in Collateral for Loans to Greece


"We want the same treatment as Finland, and six other countries are explicitly demanding this," Slovenia's minister said on the sidelines of an informal meeting of EU finance ministers.

He deems it likely that the regime of security will be tied to a certain payment or renouncement of profits within the European Financial Stability Facility. "A reflection is needed whether this would pay or not."

The minister is confident that Greece will manage to repay the loans without major losses for the creditors, but that the maturity would be longer.

Krizanic also urged for a prompt adoption of measures the eurozone leaders agreed on 21 July, including a fresh loan to Greece, in national legislative processes.

The Slovenian National Assembly will decide on Monday whether the measures would be passed in a fast-track or the usual procedure. The minister hopes the motion would be fast-tracked, which means it could be passed at the session starting on Monday.

"These measures need to be passed in national legislative processes by the end of September," the minister said, adding that efficient action in Slovenia ant the whole eurozone would be an "important signal" to the markets that the EU has a quality creditor that ensures liquidity in the market.


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