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Nothing Wrong with Changing Palestine Status


"I can't make any predictions, because it all depends on the negotiations led by the Middle East Quartet, which includes the EU. If the motion is lodged, as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced, it will be up to the UN Security Council to process it in the coming weeks," Tuerk told STA on asked about the expected outcome of the situation.

He drew attention to the address by French President Nicholas Sarkozy before the UN General Assembly, who pointed out that there were several alternatives and that the ultimate goal of the current development was to revive the peace talks which would lead to a fair agreement.

Tuerk said that this was not impossible and added that the tension regarding the announced motion for UN membership was a good thing in case it could contribute to the mentioned goal.

Quizzed about the address by US President Barack Obama, who said that the Palestinian question would not be solved in the UN but behind the negotiation table with Israel, the president said that his statements should be understood within the UN internal political context and as a starting point for future negotiations.

Tuerk said it would make no sense for Slovenia to publicly proclaim its vote before learning the content of the resolution. However, he added that there was nothing wrong with changing the Palestinian status within the UN, as it could lead to the revival of the Middle East peace process.


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