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The End is Near


It quickly transpired after the no-confidence vote last week vote that a new PM-designate would not be put forward by any of the parties, at least 10 MPs, or Tuerk himself.

This raised the question of whether Tuerk still needed to wait 30 days from the no-confidence vote in order to dissolve parliament, or whether he could do it immediately.

Following consultations with top legal experts, who were divided on the issue, Tuerk decided to wait out the full 30 days.

Tuerk suggested his decision was also informed by the need to let parliament finish some urgent work.

"I appeal on all in the National Assembly to do their work seriously and responsibly so that voters may reach a good decision on 4 December," he said.

A new parliament needs to be elected within two months after the president dissolves parliament and calls an early election. The earliest date for the election is 40 days after it is called by the president.


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