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Reporter weighs Trump-Biden options, criticises Janša's tweet


Ljubljana - While weighing what the win of one or the other candidate in the US presidential elections would bring for the US and the rest of the world, the right-leaning weekly Reporter notes that Slovenian PM Janez Janša endorsing Donald Trump and attacking Joe Biden was a major mistake.

Under the headline How Great America Is?, Nenad Glücks writes that if Trump wins, the period of internal conflict in the US would probably continue.

As for the international environment, the Americans will continue on the path of protecting the "national interest" in the economy, which means continued "trade (customs) frictions with China, as well as the European Union."

On the other hand, Biden would most probably try to improve the relations with the EU, with which Trump has had a rather rough and arrogant attitude, and he could also be more respectful to the allies as part of NATO.

Regarding the Middle East, no major changes could be expected under Biden either, while the US could become more perceptive in its attitude towards global environmental protection under Biden, Šurla adds.

He goes on to say that Slovenia has not taken advantage of First Lady Melania Trump being a Slovenian, as much of the politics and major media have not been inclined to Trump and Melania right from the beginning.

"Slovenia has certainly been leaning more towards Russia than to the West. But I doubt that this has played a major role in [Melania's] attitude towards her native country. In all four years she has not uttered a single sentence in Slovenian to American Slovenians."

The commentator then switches to the tweet by PM Janez Janša in which he endorsed Trump and attacked Biden by saying that he would be one of the weakest US presidents ever, labelling this as a huge mistake.

"Prime ministers of individual countries never attack a candidate for the US president. No one does this. What this statement means for our relations with the US if Biden wins? Even the weakest US president is still hundred times stronger than the strongest Slovenian prime minister," concludes the commentary.


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