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Court appoints three supervisors at Telekom Slovenije


Ljubljana - The Ljubljana District Court has appointed three new supervisors at the majority state-owned telco Telekom Slovenije after three members resigned two weeks ago.

Boštjan Koler, Dimitrij Marjanovič and Štefan Belingar will replace Aleš Šabeder, Barbara Cerovšek Zupančič and Bernarda Babič, the company said on Tuesday as the court decision became final.

The three new members will be on the supervisory board until their replacements are appointed by Telekom's shareholders. According to law, their term may not last more than a year.

Courts are allowed under specific circumstances to appoint company supervisors. The request to do that came from Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH), which manages the state's majority stake in the company.

The court endorsed SSH's view that the supervisory board was practically incapacitated by the resignations while an AGM could not be held due to the epidemiological situation.

Following the resignations, the supervisory board also lost essential know-how on finance, corporate governance and management, and can no longer provide effective supervision, the court said.

Former Health Minister Šabeder, who was appointed to the supervisory board in early June and became its president soon after, resigned along with Cerovšek Zupančič and Babič on 19 October.

Šabeder said that the situation on the supervisory board and disagreements were such that he could no longer perform his duties. He voiced the expectation that the remaining supervisors would step down as well, but that did not happen.

Multiple media reports allege the supervisory board was poorly run under Šabeder. One of the several anonymous letters targetting his work alleged that he wanted to become the CEO, with his resignation from the supervisory board paving the way for the appointment.


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