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Alenka Artnik improves freediving world record


Sharm el Sheik - Slovenia's best freediver Alenka Artnik has set another world record, diving to 114 metres in monofin after she and Italy's Alessia Zecchini won the 2019 Freediving World Championships with a record 113 metres last year.

Artnik now improved the record she held with Zecchini by one metre at the Blue Week competition in Egypt's Sharm el Sheik.

Her record-breaking dive, which she labelled the greatest success of her diving career, lasted three minutes and 41 seconds.

"I'm lost for words to describe how I feel, but I'll start with gratitude," she said on social media, thanking her co-divers for accepting her with open hearts as she arrived in Egypt a month ago for preparations for the end of what she said was a difficult season and thus facilitating her record.


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