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Situla - a superior living experience



Dressed in glass and metal that gives an impression of old bronze, Situla, a new addition to the Ljubljana skyline, is offering a one of a kind urban living experience.
This unique architecture spliced with top-notch materials and innovative technology at the crossroads of Ljubljana's Vilharjeva cesta and Šmartinska cesta comprises 226 luxury apartments, 6,000 m2 of office space and 28 shops. It guarantees the highest standard of living in the city centre, offering exquisite views of the city and its surroundings.
The trend of migration to the suburbs is surely jeopardised by complexes such as Situla. Those who live in the city are accustomed to a certain level of comfort: to live in a city is to live in the centre of happening, to have everything within reach, to have the opportunity to succeed, to meet interesting people and have endless fun or devote to serious study. Situla's innovative concept enhances the urban experience by eliminating negative aspects of living in the capital. If you are a true lover of the city pulse and comfort but you hate pollution and are disturbed by the noise and grey facades, then Situla is just the place you.
The inconvenience caused by the noise in the city is neutralised by high-quality glass panoramic walls and fully automated air conditioning featuring humidity control functions, which is a novelty in Slovenian homes. All apartments have low-temperature underfloor heating and additional fan convectors which can adjust instantly to a sudden change in the weather. This means opening windows is unnecessary, unless you wish to slide open the panoramic wall and extend the apartment into the spacious balcony and a "Japanese garden." The latter gives amazing unrestricted views across the city centre, the surrounding hills and mountains and the city hiving on the streets and rails below.
The Situla is there for you to cater for any service in question. The designers strived to give the resident / user an all-around daily service, including a smaller delicatessen, numerous shops and business areas, a bank, a wellness-fitness oasis, a restaurant, cafe and not least a car wash for exquisite car care. The complex also has a 24/7 concierge providing professional reception and security services.
The offices are functionally cosy, featuring high-quality modern design yielding an exceptional work environment at maximum personalisation. The complex is linked to high-end electronic and optical networks which facilitate interruption-free work process and use of modern communications and electronic devices.
Giving you the highest standard, Situla will without doubt set a new trend in Slovenia. Great interest and first signed contracts in the very first months come as no surprise. The apartment prices range between 3,142 EUR/m2 and 3,878 EUR/m2 inclusive of VAT. The price for 1 m2 includes a pantry but no parking space. The office prices are between 2,000 EUR/m2 and 2,400 EUR/m2 exclusive of VAT, while business areas are priced between 2,430 EUR/m2 and 3,400 EUR/m2 exclusive of VAT.
Now, what do you get for your money? Voluminous spaces, exquisite wooden floors and elevators, 'smart' electric wiring hooked to a slim touch screen with which you can manipulate devices and settings also via the internet, video intercom, efficient sun protection with electrically operated sliding aluminium panels, quality fixtures made of composite materials, intuitive logistics enabling optimal and safe communication between apartments, offices, shops and garages.
The materials have been selected from the best suppliers in Europe: German facade and machines, Dutch ceramics and Swiss wiring, Finish wooden floors and elevators, French and Italian electrical wiring, etc. The services, some materials and the know-how are Slovenian!
Situla, as you can see, is meant for all aficionados of city life and for those who expect a high standard of living culture. The diversity of apartments and offices gives you the opportunity to find what best suits your needs. To be better able to imagine the advantages that the Situla has to offer, two sample apartments will be open for visitors In October 2011, and ready to move into by September 2012.


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