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Reconsidering Financial Plan for the Health Fund


While the government argued on Thursday that the supplementary budget, bringing projected savings of EUR 14m, envisaged cuts primarily in payments to hospitals without sufficiently cutting expenditure on medicine and medical aids, ZZZS boss Samo Fakin repeated today that it was impossible to draw up a new supplementary budget in time.

As the health purse is facing insolvency if the existing plan is executed, Lucka Boehm of the ZSSS trade union confederation told the STA that the unions shared the view of employers on the issue.

Thus both are proposing that the government reconsider its rejection of the supplementary budget, with
Igor Antauer of the Association of Employers in Trade Crafts and Small Business arguing that "the money needs to be taken from somewhere".

Meanwhile, representatives of Ljubljana's UKC, Slovenia's main hospital, welcomed today the government's decision, saying it was "to the benefit of the patients". The UKC expects the ZZZS to heed the recommendations of the government as well as of hospitals and approach the cuts in a selective manner.

The Zares party also issued a press release, arguing that the government's decision was "in a way a no-confidence vote to Samo Fakin". Zares expects Fakin will draw up a new, more balanced supplementary budget and secure additional revenue.


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