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Employers project 1.3% growth in jobs for first half of 2021


Ljubljana - Slovenian employers appear to be upbeat about employment prospects in the first half of next year with a survey conducted by the Employment Service projecting a 1.3% growth in employment.

The survey, conducted in October among 2,853 companies employing ten or more staff, suggests the most sought after will be labourers in manufacturing, builders, retail staff, welders and lorry drivers.

Some of those have been in the group of shortage occupations for a while, while this year there is also high demand for health and social care staff and home carers.

Meanwhile, the biggest decline in employment is projected for the hospitality industry.

Considering their responses, employers will be looking for about 26,000 employees over the next six months, most of which to fill for replacements and temporary jobs, and to a lesser extent these will be new jobs.

Two out of three employers do not expect having difficulties finding staff. Those who do are mostly looking for mentioned staff in shortage occupations. More than 60% of health and social care employers also expect to have problems finding new staff.

The most recent data show a total of 83,654 people were registered with the office for being out of a job at the end of October, more than 11,000 more than in the same period a year ago.


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