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Slovenia sees 1,925 new coronavirus infections, 41 deaths

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Ljubljana - A total of 1,925 new coronavirus infections were confirmed in 6,767 tests in Slovenia on Wednesday, which means a positivity rate of 28.45%, down one percentage point from yesterday, government data show. A record 41 Covid-19 patients died.

Government spokesperson Jelko Kacin told the press again that the situation was calming down. Fewer tests were conducted yesterday and 274 fewer infections confirmed than the day before.

He repeated the latest figures were similar to those from the peak of the second wave and that yesterday's and today's figures were the result of a new system of testing.

The reproduction number continues to drop and stands at 0.91, which means that one infected person infects less than one person, Kacin said.

Looking at the situation in Slovenia's dozen regions over the past two weeks, Kacin said a rise in new infections had been recorded only in the Podravska and Goriška regions, while in Gorenjska the number was dropping very fast. A slight drop can also be seen in the Pomurska region.

In the past week, Goriška, Zasavska and Pomurska saw a rise in new infections.

In Ljubljana, 221 new infections were detected yesterday, which Kacin said was a relatively low number. In the second largest city, Maribor, 81 tests came back positive.

A total of 1,210 Covid-19 patients are in hospital, which is 18 more than the day before. The number of patients in intensive care rose by two to 200, while 93 were discharged home.

A total of 31 patients died in hospitals, and ten in care homes, Kacin said.

Hospitalisations have been rising since the start of the month but in the last third of this week, the situation has been stabilising, Kacin said.

According to the tracker site, there are currently 20,151 active cases in the country, down 2.7% from the day before. The average 14-day incidence is now 961 per 100,000 people.

So far, 50,864 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the country, while the death toll is at 686.

A new outbreak has been reported from the northern Primorska region with 22 of the 270 employees infected at the German-owned Bovec company Mahle Electric Drives.

The company management took measures on the spot including banning socialising during breaks and locking up coffee machines. All employees will be tested, expectedly on Friday.

Several care homes in the region are also battling with infections, as are similar facilities across the country.


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