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President honours diabetes expert Janež

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Ljubljana - President Borut Pahor bestowed the Apple of Inspiration award on diabetologist Andrej Janež on Friday. The head of UKC Ljubljana's endocrinology and diabetes department has been honoured for his extraordinary and breakthrough achievements in treating diabetes, said Pahor's office.

Janež's work is proof that Slovenia's scientists can "reach the global Olympus of science", said Pahor, at today's award ceremony that was without audience but streamed online.

Presenting the award ahead of World Diabetes Day, observed on Saturday, the president thanked all involved in research and medical efforts, at home and abroad, who are saving lives and treating patients in hospitals, health centres and care homes.

Janež's accomplishments instil optimism in the community. The expert has recently cooperated on clinical trials of a new insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes patients that determined that only one dose weekly is sufficient compared to the current treatment of one shot per day.

The honoree said in his address that the Apple of Inspiration was not only an award honouring him but also UKC Ljubljana, an institution where he was trained and has been working for the past 24 years, and his team.

"Everything will turn out well. The world is build on that," he said, adding that he and his colleagues would continue striving for upgraded medications and technology for all patients.

According to the justification, Janež is devoted to his calling and patients, tirelessly seeking solutions for enabling people to lead full lives with diabetes.

When he took over the endocrinology and diabetes department more than a decade ago, he organised a charity concert to raise funds for setting up new facilities.

In 2009, he initiated and established the international Conference on Advances in Diabetes and Insulin therapy (ADIT).

His efforts and achievements have placed Slovenia among leading countries in diabetes research and treatment.

The breakthrough insulin study results are the greatest achievement so far in Janež's career and show his team's excellence, reads the justification.

The feat was presented in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most prestigious pear-reviewed medical journals in the world, in September, with Janež being one of the main researchers in the study.

Diabetes prevalence has been rising in Slovenia, same as around the globe. A recent report by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) indicates that the number of Slovenians living with diabetes totalled more than 132,000 in 2019. Moreover, some 79,000 are living with undiagnosed diabetes, said the NIJZ.


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