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No Mercy for the Traffic Offenders


This means that the motion is lost and that the emergency session of parliament following the committee's will only see a presentation of views.

Proponents of the changes believe that the current law envisages a number of good measures for preventing accidents in traffic, but that its fining policy for minor offences is unduly strict and does not follow the basic aim of the law - to reduce the number of offences.

They proposed that people be given a warning for committing such an offence for the first time, while also prolonging the deadline for paying half of a fine from eight to 30 days.

Apart from coalition deputies, who said that such motions had no place in campaigning, the parliamentary legal service said that the opposition's motion had not only interfered with the law the changes were applied to, but also with another, meaning that its adoption could be in violation of Slovenia's legal principles.

Transport Minister Patrick Vlacic meanwhile told the debate ahead of the vote that the fining policy was only a part of the measures the ministry implemented to boost road safety.


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