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4 bidders short-listed for principal works on Divača-Koper track

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Ljubljana - Four consortia of construction companies have qualified for the next round of tendering for principal works on the Divača-Koper rail projects, 2TDK, the company managing the project, revealed on Wednesday.

Four consortia respectively led by Slovenian builder Gorenjska Gradbena Družba, Austria's Strabag, Slovenia's Kolektor CPG and Turkish builder Cengiz have been designated as eligible and remain in the bidding process, in a decision confirmed today by 2TDK's supervisory board.

"We're waiting for [the decision] to become final. If there are no complaints, we're proceeding with the second phase, in which we get the prices and start construction," the company's director Pavel Hevka said.

Gorenjska Gradbena Družba has a joint bid with Slovenian builder CGP and Czech company Metroslav. Strabag has joined forces with German builder Ed Züblin and Turkey's Gülermak Agirom.

Kolektor CPG is cooperating with Turkish builders Yapi Merkezi and Özaltin, while Cengiz, another Turkish company, is bidding alone.

Hevka acknowledged that complaints were to be expected. If there are any, they will be dealt with by the National Review Commission.

According to Hevka, the decision by the management, backed in a unanimous vote by the supervisory board, was underpinned by the applicable legislation, including legislation known as the third stimulus package, which was adopted in May.

In accordance with that law, third-country businesses may participate in tenders if their countries of origin have signed multilateral or bilateral trade agreements. Turkey has such an agreement with Slovenia but China does not, according to Hevka.

Hevka said the deadline for the completion of works, 2025, was still feasible at this moment.

Multiple Chinese builders initially submitted bids, but by the previous round only one remained in play.

The principal works, which will be divided into two sections, are worth an estimated EUR 700 million.


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