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Energy company launches second industrial battery storage


Kidričevo - Ngen, an energy system solutions company, launched its second battery storage in Kidričevo on Thursday. The EUR 15 million system, located near aluminium maker Talum and considered the biggest in the wider region, will store excess energy. It is similar to that the company has launched in Jesenice, near the Acroni steelworks.

Ngen boss Roman Bernard said that the power of connection of the Tesla-made battery was 15 megawatts and has a capacity of 30 megawatt hours. The company has developed its own software solutions steering all devices connected to the system.

"This is only the beginning. For now, we are only linked to the primary grid," he said, adding that the battery takes advantage of all effects of energy surges or drops in the grid. This is overseen by grid operator Eles, while Ngen carries out the service, he said.

"Battery storage will allow us to reduce deviations. These occur, for example, when solar plants produce excess energy on sunny days," Bernard illustrated at the opening, which was also attended by President Borut Pahor.

Talum, majority-owned by Eles, was chosen as a location for the battery storage because the company has the required infrastructure and appropriate connections to the grid, and uses a lot of power.

Talum believes the storage system will provide an additional level of energy security, allowing the facility to operate in case of short-term power outages.

On the other hand, energy from Talum's generators will be stored in the battery, which will allow the company to provide systemic services and help provide better stability of the grid.

The Talum launch comes shortly after Ngen, in cooperation with hardware retailer Merkur, launched the sale of Tesla household batteries. These are 6 kilowatt solar units with a battery capacity of 14 kilowatt hours.

Ngen was established two years ago. It was co-funded by Bernard and Damian Merlak who made millions by selling his cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp in 2018.


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