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Chief coronavirus adviser says extension of restrictions needed

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Ljubljana - Bojana Beović, the head of the government's coronavirus task force, has announced that the group will propose the extension of existing restrictions this week. It is not possible to talk about potential changes until the most recent measures show effects, which is expected at the end of this week, Beović told the STA.

Beović said that the novel coronavirus continues to circulate among the population to a great degree, even though some measures, such as the closure of kindergartens, schools etc., have been in place for a month already.

Arguing that it does not help to prescribe measures if these are not observed, Beović said that some countries, for instance Austria, saw the situation calming after a few weeks of restrictions.

This was not the case in Slovenia, which she attributes to a different perception of these measures in our society. Beovič argued this perception was also the result of what she described as an absence of support or the polemics about the measures in the central media.

Beović, an infectious diseases specialist, noted it was obvious the virus was spreading in work environments, since kindergartens, schools and and bars are closed. Thus it will also not be possible to advise relaxing measures affecting businesses. For this to happen, companies will need to do their part and prevent the virus from spreading among workers.

She moreover commented on Prime Minister Janez Janša's announced of mass voluntary testing. She said the task force was leaning towards targetted mass testing, meaning tests for high-risk groups. Weekly testing for healthcare workers has already begun, while systematic testing is also planned in care homes.


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