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Employment Service to pay out EUR 323.2m in coronacrisis aid by December


Ljubljana - The Employment Service, a key institution in the execution of the coronacrisis stimulus measures, will have paid out a total of EUR 323.2 million in support by the end of November.

The bulk of the payments, accounting EUR 303.5 million, are state subsidies for furloughed workers, followed by subsidies for short time work, which have amounted to EUR 18.2 million, the Employment Service said on Wednesday.

By 24 November, the service received over 130,000 requests by employers for roughly 600,000 employees, with employers sometimes filing several request, including for the same employees.

"This is an extremely large number of requests, but the service has reorganised and reassigned workers to focus on the emergency legislation, which is our priority tasks, and is striving to precess all requests and secure payments as fast as possible," the service wrote.


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