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Lockdown extended for another week, public transport on hold for two more

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Ljubljana - The government decided on Thursday to extend by a week all of the main lockdown measures, including the ban on gatherings, in-class schooling, movement among municipalities and the 9pm-6am curfew. Public transport will remain closed and the current mask wearing regime, which includes masks outdoors, will stay in place for at least two more weeks.

Also remaining closed for at least one more week are kindergartens, shops selling non-essential goods, cultural institutions, and bars and restaurants, while there are also no changes to the regime at borders. Existing restrictions concerning sport activities will remain in place for at least two more weeks.

Government spokesperson Jelko Kacin told the press the government would adopt a plan on a relaxation of the measures next week, on Thursday at the latest.

Asked about the possibility of partly reopening schools soon, Kacin said the government would examine this next week, taking the epidemiological situation in consideration.

However, he said that reopening of schools would also require reopening public transport, the closure of which has just been extended for a fortnight.

Kacin mentioned the likelihood of facilities that offer individuals services, for instance hair and beauty salons, being among the first to reopen. He argued it was better to "provide these services in salons specially equipped for this and meeting all standards than on the ground - in garages, flats".

The press conference moreover featured the acting head of the Healthcare Directorate at the Health Ministry Marija Magajne, who said the situation in the country and in hospitals did not allow a relaxing of measures yet.

"We are all exhausted...But let's try to hold out for a few more days. We all believe that it will be possible to lift some measures in 10 or 14 days," Magajne said.


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