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Average Slovenian threw away almost 70 kilos of food last year


Ljubljana - A Slovenian resident discarded some 1.3 kilos on average per week in 2019 or 67 kilos in the entire year, the Statistics Office data show. Almost 40% of food waste or some 26 kilos was edible.

Households threw away most food in 2019, half of the entire amount or almost 69,900 tonnes.

Almost a third of last year's food waste or 44,400 tonnes was generated by pubs and restaurants and other venues where food is served, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and care homes.

Slovenian residents discarded somewhat less food in 2019 on average per capita compared to 2018, down by 1 kilo, however the total amount of food waste last year, 140,804 tonnes, was higher than in 2018 when it stood at 139,856 tonnes, the data, released on Thursday, indicate.

Three quarters of 2019 food waste was processed in biogas plants and compost facilities.

A resident of Slovenia produced some 1,500 kilos of all types of waste in 2019, down by 38 kilos on 2018. The figure does not include mineral waste, such as construction waste and soil.

The amount of rubbish per capita in 2019 was 509 kilos, up by 14 kilos year-on-year. The total of municipal waste in manufacturing and the services sector decreased, however the amount of household rubbish increased.

When it comes to all types of recyclable waste, excluding mineral waste, the recycling rate stood at 84%, down by 4 percentage points on 2018.

The recycling rate pertaining to municipal waste meanwhile increased slightly from 58.8% to 59.2%.


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