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Gen-I to supply solely zero-carbon electricity as of new year

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Ljubljana - Gen-I has announced that, as of 2021, it will be able to offer customers electricity produced solely from environmentally friendly and zero-carbon sources, in an effort with which the power producer intends to reduce the carbon footprint of Slovenian households by 1.65 million tonnes of CO2 compared to 2019.

Presenting the initiative at a press conference on Thursday, Gen-I chairman Robert Golob said that customers would be able to choose the zero-carbon source of power themselves.

"I'm convinced that solar energy is the cleanest choice for the future. We will thus enable customers for the first time to get electricity fully produced from solar energy," he added.

From 1 January, Gen-I Gen-I customers will be able to choose between the "energy of the Sun, energy of wind and nuclear energy."

According to Golob, nuclear energy and renewable sources are natural allies in the transition to a zero-carbon society.

The company believes in connecting all zero-carbon sources and technologies with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality of Slovenia as fast as possible, he added.

Golob believes that decarbonisation is possible while keeping the prices at a comparable level.

As statistics show that the average annual footprint of a Slovenian household is more than six tonnes of CO2, he said that "we will reduce carbon footprint in 40% of all Slovenian households by 2.5 tonnes a year on average."


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