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Minister announces national programme for AI

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Montreal - Public Administration Minister BoĊĦtjan Koritnik took part on Friday in a virtual session of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, the first meeting of the alliance founded this summer. Koritnik said Slovenia was working on a national AI programme.

Addressing the event online, the minister said Slovenia agreed with OECD principles for responsible management of trustworthy artificial intelligence. Introducing this technology in line with OECD principles is possibly only through cooperation on the global and international levels, he was quoted as saying by the Public Administration Ministry.

"We wish the partnership to focus on international cooperation in transferring into solutions the set goals and principles regarding the introduction of artificial intelligence in real life.

"Countries have to exchange examples of best practice. That will be one of the key conditions for successful implementation of artificial intelligence on the global level," said Koritnik, noting that Slovenia was ready to be a connecting link among the different initiatives in this field.

Slovenia is already working on a national plan for artificial intelligence that will serve as a basis for activities in this field on both the national and international levels, the minister said.

Pointing to Slovenia's upcoming EU presidency in the second half of 2021, he said digitalisation, and AI in particular, would receive special attention.

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence is an international initiative to support and direct responsible development of AI, meaning one that will respect human rights, inclusion and diversity while encouraging innovation and economic growth.

Its secretariat has offices at the seat of the OECD in Paris, and Slovenia is one of its founding members.

UNESCO has also selected Slovenia for the seat of its International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence, which was founded this year. The centre will focus on ways to use AI to help the UN address global challenges and contribute to sustainable development.


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