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Repatriation of ethnic Slovenians from Venezuela continues


Ljubljana - The repatriation of ethnic-Slovenian residents of Venezuela was suspended in March following the outbreak of coronavirus, but it was re-launched in autumn, when 13 persons arrived in Slovenia, the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad has announced.

A total of 36 persons have been repatriated so far. They have all been accommodated in private housing and feel well.

The recent arrivals first had to quarantine for ten days. They all tested negative for coronavirus.

Slovenia has so far endorsed applications for the repatriation of 56 persons from Venezuela.

The process started late last year after the government adopted an action plan to help ethnic Slovenians relocate from the economically ravaged country.

Official data show that there were 335 Slovenian citizens in Venezuela last year and up to a thousand in total who are of Slovenian origin.

The repatriated persons enjoy special status for 15 months that entitles them to public aid to cover the basic costs of living, healthcare and temporary housing, either private or state-owned.

Within this period, they are required to gain a status which would enable them to further reside in Slovenia, either by getting Slovenian citizenship or residence permit.


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