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Four DeSUS deputies to go independent unless "things calm down"


Ljubljana - A deputy of the coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) has said four of the five DeSUS MPs were willing to quit the deputy group and become independent "if things do not calm down". They plan to support the current government until the end of its term.

Robert Polnar made the statement on Friday, a day after the deputy group met with new party leader, Karl Erjavec, and issued a statement saying they were staying in the coalition.

Erjavec had reportedly planned to take DeSUS out of the coalition to join a centre-left initiative forming an alternative government. The MPs thwarted his plan.

Polnar said the MPs learnt at yesterday's meeting that Erjavec, and the leaders of the Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL), were convinced he is the only politician "who can save Slovenia from Janez Janša".

"Erjavec substantiated his ambitions primarily with huge frustrations about the 2004-2008 term that he felt about Janša. This seems his underlying motive to indulge in this fantasy called KUL," said Polnar.

The MP said he was "against such experiments" and would remain a supporter of the government. Three fellow DeSUS deputies share a similar sentiment.


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