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T-2 launches pilot 5G project

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Ljubljana - Telecommunications company T-2 has launched a pilot 5G network at its headquarters in Ljubljana on Wednesday to test the equipment and the services it intends to offer once it has acquired a frequency spectrum at an incoming national auction.

T-2 is the first Slovenian wireless provider to be testing micro base stations, which cover smaller areas where high density mobile services use is expected, especially in urban areas and other densely populated towns, the company said on Friday.

As the pilot project progresses, T-2 intends to expand it with macro base stations, which can cover larger areas in Slovenia.

Its micro base stations operate in the 3600 MHz spectrum band and have been approved by the national Agency for Communication Networks and Services (AKOS) for testing.

The company said they reached a data transfer rate of more than one gigabyte per second.

If it succeeds at acquiring a frequency spectrum at the auction, scheduled for early 2021, T-2 plans to build a mobile network enabling it to cover the wast majority of Slovenia.


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