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Michelin star chef Tomaž Kavčič to launch Zemono+ brand


Ljubljana - Tomaž Kavčič, one of Slovenia's top chefs, who runs Michelin-starred restaurant Pri Lojzetu at Zemono Castle, has unveiled plans to launch his own brand Zemono+. Foodies will be able to purchase Zemono+ products via an online shop starting in January.

The Zemono+ shop is expected to come to life in mid-January. "Online sale is inevitable," Kavčič said this week during an online presentation of the brand.

He believes the current extreme situation has a silver lining. During lockdown he found the time to fulfil a great wish of his - "to gather the skills of four generations under one brand".

The chef believes that the step will bring his products closer to guests as well as further strengthen ties between the members of his team.

Kavčič would like to see the Zemono+ brand featuring products of other chefs in the future as well.

Customers will be able to pick from some hundred products, which will not be sourced only from Slovenia.

"If we do not go to others, the others will not come to us," Kavčič said, adding that products will also come from Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Austria.

Some of these countries provide ingredients that cannot be found in Slovenia, he noted.

Although Zemono+ will not be limited to food, it is bound to primarily attract foodies. Some of the products include paté, jams, spreads, sauces and beef soup.

Ahead of the festive season, the chef was busy preparing a special treat from his childhood, a traditional panettone - a festive Italian sweet bread - with some unusual touches such as candied olives and juniper.

Kavčič's panettone will be made in Italy and available online next week.


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