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Pahor: Papandreu's Move a Result Of Personal Distress


Saying that he had discussed the situation with Papandreou during a recent meeting, Pahor noted the Greek PM "simply did not get support from anyone in Greece" and did not feel that he could provide "a commitment to the eurozone" despite the tremendous help it was offering.

His referendum announcement was not a trick but a shocking decision, "which in turn shocked the Greeks and will possibility sober them up to some extent", Pahor told the Pogledi debate show on TV Slovenija.

"My forecast is that a decision will shortly be made, probably as a condition by the Germans, for a new currency group, possibly with the euro or super euro, under certain conditions."

"Those meeting the conditions will be part of it, the rest not. And Slovenia, like some other countries, will have to decide whether it is ready to adopt certain measures to become part of this currency group. And those stepping out of the eurozone will, according to the Lisbon Treaty, also step out of the EU," Pahor said.

Thus, Pahor argued that the EU presently had not only an economic crisis, but also a political and institutional crisis.

Economist Marjan Sencur added in the debate that the latest developments had shown that Greece leaving the eurozone was no longer being considered as a possibility. What is happening now is a search for a solution for the euro, which he feels is no longer in peril.


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